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New! Gel polishes Tikwa

New! Gel polishes Tikwa

New collection Tikwa — is a cozy combination of warm rich shades that accurately convey the whole atmosphere of autumn - crimson sunsets, naked tree branches, fallen golden leaves, fiery rowan berries, Halloween notes and  of course the scent of pumpkin pie and spicy pumpkin latte
The collection features 5 atmospheric shades: saffron yellow, khaki brown, coffee maroon, brick red, and light peach!
Gel-lacquers are dense and covered from the first layer, have a comfortable oily consistency, and quickly self-leveled!
Under the matte top colors are disclosed especially autumnally atmospheric!
Patrisa Nail Tikwa gel nail polishes from the collection have 9FREE composition, which means that the possibility of allergic reactions is maximally excluded!

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