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About company

Patrisa Nail produces cutting-edge and high-quality nail care products from the best European raw materials that meet all applicable safety requirements.

Our company has been working on the Russian market since 2000. During this time-frame we have significantly gained nail products and services market share offering our customers high-quality and certified products!

As a manufacturer of materials for the nail industry, Patrisa Nail has always offered products at competitive prices to customers. The whole product range was developed and manufactured to meet the strict technological requirements and using the latest technological innovations.

Many years of professional experience guarantee the best quality of gels and acrylics under the Patrisa Nail brand. Our clients all over the globe are confident that all Patrisa Nail products are manufactured in compliance with EU standards and the EU Cosmetic Directive. All chemical components are tested in laboratories, for example, with regard to viscosity, density and stability, before launching into production. We take safety responsibility seriously and provide our customers with all the necessary information on our products.

We strive to develop and improve, building on our professionalism and extensive industry-wide expertise. Patrisa Nail’s traditions and standards are a reliable source that can help forge your success. By choosing us, you compliment your skills with the unsurpassed qualities of Patrisa Nail’s products.