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Disinfection container

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Price: 450 rub.
Bagging: 1 pc
Volume: 223х125х78 мм
Article: M151

Tool disinfection container, plastic, transparent cover
Plastic sterilizer for disinfecting manicure and pedicure tools using chemical agents.

1. Open the plastic box cover and pour the disinfectant fluid inside.
2. Put the tool into the disinfectant until it is completely covered. Close the box cover tightly.
3. When the disinfection time is over, take the tool out and wash it thoroughly under running water.
4. Average procedure time: 10-20 minutes.
5. The disinfection time may vary depending on the disinfectant fluid used.

Size: 225 * 120 * 70cm
Color: white
Size of the internal removable container:
Width 8 cm, length 19 cm, height 2.5 cm