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Kombi Gel Liquid Medium Aqua, 30 ml Kombi Gel Liquid Medium Aqua, 30 ml Kombi Gel Liquid Medium Aqua, 30 ml Kombi Gel Liquid Medium Aqua, 30 ml
Color: Clear
Effect: Glossy
Density: Dense
Viscosity: Medium liquid
Volume: 30 ml
Article: B526
Kombi Gel Liquid Medium is the newest addition to the Kombi Gel Liquid collection!
What is Medium?
This is a reference to the viscosity of the consistency!
Compared to the classic Kombi Gel Liquid, the Medium Series has a thicker viscosity and a slightly thicker consistency!
(On the bottles this is additionally indicated by the 'drop')
Kombi Gel Liquid Medium is a liquid Kombi Gel with a nice consistency that has the best characteristics of the rigid system materials!
Kombi Gel Liquid Medium combines the qualities of the classic acrygel and gel format!
Aqua is a crystal clear liquid Kombigel, no yellowing after curing! Universal - suitable for strengthening under any color!
Kombi Gel Liquid is the usual consistency + properties of acrylic gel!
No special liquids are required to apply and distribute the material on the nail plate!
Cures in LED or UV lamps.
Kombi Gel Liquid Medium allows you to refill corners, repair cracks, perfect as a strengthening base for a natural nail plate, including for the further application of gel polish!
 Advantages and differences from usual Kombi Gel:
Liquid formula:
Allows you not to spend a lot of time on work;
It is perfectly self-leveling due to its optimal consistency
No leaking or running off
Hard material:
Makes your nails as strong as modeling! Even in a thin layer.
Dense shades:
Perfectly overlap the nail plate without any gaps
Popular and sought-after shades 
No yellowing
The composition of 9free eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions as much as possible!
No strong odor

Instructions for use (nail plate strengthening):
1.Prepare the nail plate and dehydrate with Nail Prep by Patrisa Nail.  
2. Apply the acid-free nail primer by Patrisa Nail.
3. Apply a thin base coat with rubbing motions and dry.
4. Apply Kombi Gel Liquid Medium to the nail plate in a thin, dabbing layer; without drying, put a drop, then distribute the material, building up the correct architecture. 
5.Cure in a LED or UV lamp for 30 sec/2 min, respectively. 
6.Tops can be used as a final coating for both gels and gel polishes.
Remove by filing.
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