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Rubber milk base for gel polish, 30 ml Rubber milk base for gel polish, 30 ml
Type: Coating
Color: Lactic
Effect: Glossy
Density: Dense
Viscosity: High
Volume: 30 ml
Article: BP55

How often have you had to deal with the difficulties of applying highly pigmented pastel shades or, on the contrary, bright neon shades but with a low degree of pigmentation? We are sure, any nail artist experienced similar hardships one way or the other. Especially for such cases, Patrisa Nail has developed Milch milky rubber base coating, combining not only the qualities of a base layer, but also color qualities, which increasingly save time and material, as well as facilitate work with problematic shades. Moreover, Milch base coating works as an auxiliary protective layer when removing the color coating with the help of a machine. The presence of a colored pigment in the base coat provides a safety measure against accidental cutting the nail plate when completely removing all the material. When filing, the pigment will always let you distinguish the base from the natural nail. Milch rubber base coating is easy to apply, provides quick self-leveling and, when necessary, can be used simultaneously as a base and color coating.

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