/ / / / / Black base black rubber base for gel polish, 16 ml

Black base black rubber base for gel polish, 16 ml

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Price: 715 rub.
Type: Basic coverage
Color: Black
Viscosity: Medium viscosity
Volume: 16 ml
Article: BP70

The black rubber base Patrisa Nail is an original product that combines the properties of both the base coat and the colored one, which significantly saves time and material in the process. What makes Rubber Black Base special is that it can be used as a cat-eye underlay, pigments, glittery shades, effect tops and more!

Rubber Black Base has a 9FREE composition, which means that the possibility of allergic reactions is excluded as much as possible!

The main advantages of the Rubber Black Base Patrisa Nail:
- means 2in1 - can be used simultaneously as a base and a colored coating;
- the dense black shade of the base saves time and money when working with designs that require a black backing;
- polymerization time - 30 sec in hybrid and LED lamps, 1 min in UV lamps;
- even application and self-leveling in seconds;
- high degree of adhesion and phenomenal adhesion to the nail plate;
- easy-to-use medium viscosity;
- elasticity and flexibility of the material.