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Watercolor paints Fine Art by Patrisa Nail

Watercolor paints Fine Art by Patrisa Nail

One of the most beautiful and expected novelties of the coming month - magic watercolor Drops "Fine Art" Patrisa Nail! 

Amazingly bright and juicy shades, with which to create a unique, and most importantly the most easily feasible design is now easier than ever! Whether abstraction or well-thought-out dramatic composition - not important! With Watercolor Drops Fine Art from Patrisa Nail will cope, both the novice and experienced master. 

Watercolor Drops of Fine Art Patrisa Nail can be mixed directly on the colored substrate, creating each time a new interesting shade and, if necessary, can be shaded with a brush soaked in a degreaser. 
Do not require polymerization in the lamp, dry quickly in the air. It is possible to work With watercolor Drops both on a gel varnish, and on a varnish. It is necessary to consolidate the finish! 

Watercolor Drops of Fine Art easily create the necessary whimsical effect of blurred color on both matte and glossy coating.
Colors of watercolor paints can be combined with each other to create new shades.

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