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The new updated Shimmering cuticle oil!

The new updated Shimmering cuticle oil!

A collection of fragrant shimmering cuticle oils in a new bottle of 15 ml with a handy dropper

The improved composition of the oil contributes to even greater nutrition and hydration of the cuticle. And besides, it has become even more beautiful, because it contains a delicate shimmer that shines incredibly on the skin!
The Shimmering collection consists of 4 radiant oils:
Aura - the sensual scent of lily of the valley with an incredible silvery shimmer creates an aura of calm and serenity!
▪️Hope - tropical notes... the aroma of mandarin marmalade... orange lollipops. These juicy bright flavors represent cheerfulness and hope 
▪️Elixir - sweet candy flavor of alluring elixir, that you want to taste it again...and again
▪️Euphoria - sensual euphoric fragrance... for some it's sweetness, for some it's the scent of spring, for some it's floral fragrance, everyone will find their own euphoria in it

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