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Set for art painting

Set for art painting

Branded box for art painting!  A box in which you will find all the necessary shades for designs!

Together with @lihacheva.nailart we have released an incredible box for any artistic painting!

Now you do not need to select gel polishes yourself, we have put together a collection that every drawing master needs

 22 shades that will solve all problems with the selection of the palette

As a bonus to the palette, you will have a cheat sheet that will help you correctly combine shades, based on the color wheel круг
The cheat sheet is located inside the box (it is glue-based, you can use it simply or stick it in a place convenient for you!) And you can also download the cheat sheet by clicking on the QR code that you will find on our branded sticker!

Boxing is available to order anywhere in the world ✈️

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