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New! Reflective gel polishes "Flash"

New! Reflective gel polishes "Flash"

This year's hit is reflective gel polish! Now in 6 shades

Ice flash - a scattering of silver reflective particles
Sky Flash - a sky blue reflective blast of glitter
Lilac Flash - attractive lilac reflective overflow
Baby Flash - Refined beige opal with an outstanding  effect
Fire Flash - romantic red reflective flame
Dark Flash -  a cosmic black reflective starburst

That unbelievable glow reveals itself when exposed to bright light  - sunlight, flashlights, diode lamps!

The effect is achieved by the refraction of the rays contained in the particles of gel polish!

Dense application already upon the 1st layer!

Patrisa Nail gel nail polishes have the composition of 9FREE, which means that possible allergic reactions are excluded!

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