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NEW! Marker pens!

NEW! Marker pens!

The new premium marker pens are refined accessories for trendy and unusual designs!
The pens have universal shades that will beautifully accentuate  many ideas of the master!
Marker pens can be used not only for fine drawings, but also used in designs with sliders and stamping, creating decorative strokes, painting over certain elements in drawings, and so on.

The pen allows 100% control over the drawing process and adjust the thickness of the lines by pressing.

It can be easily removed with a degreaser if necessary.
Does not require polymerization in a lamp.
It is necessary to fix the finished design with a top coating after drying the ink in air.

The new marker pens have an improved ink composition, an updated body structure and a secure cap fastening, which contributes to a better and more durable use.

Instructions for use:
1. Shake the pen for a few seconds to mix the contents of the marker. 
2. Pump out the air by pressing on the tip, holding the handle vertically with the tip up (only necessary for the first use)
3. Press down on the tip by pressing the marker against a hard surface to transfer the paint to the tip.
4. Make the design with the marker pen.
5. Close the pen cap.
6. Store horizontally

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