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New! Kombi Gel Milk

New! Kombi Gel Milk

The universal milky Kombi Gel is a durable tough material with the most delicate shade of milk!

Kombi Gel combines the best qualities and characteristics of two classic systems - gel and acrylic!  And most importantly, without their shortcomings!

Kombi Gel allows you to build on both lower and upper forms!  In addition, it is suitable as a strengthening of the natural nail plate for further application of gel polish, as well as for extending the corners.

For laying out Kombi Gel, it is necessary to use the construction fluid Kombi Fluid, which allows the brush to glide smoothly over the material and distribute it as evenly as possible.

It can be removed by cutting!

Instructions for use:

1. Prepare the nail plate and apply Patrisa Nail Acid-Free Primer.
2. Apply a thin base coat and dry.
3. Using an oval-shaped natural gel brush # 6, take the required amount of combigel and apply it to the nail.
4. Lightly moisten the brush with Kombi Fluid and spread the combigel ball over the nail plate.
5. Cure in LED or UV lamp.
6. Polymerization time in LED lamps - 30 seconds, UV lamps - 2 minutes.

Tops for both gels and gel polishes can be used as a finishing coat.

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