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New! Kombi Gel Liquid

New! Kombi Gel Liquid

Kombi Gel Liquid is a liquid Kombi gel with the best characteristics of rigid system materials!

Kombi Gel Liquid combines the qualities of the classic acrygel and gel format!

Kombi Gel Liquid is the usual consistency + properties of acrigel!

It is not required to use special liquids for applying and distributing the material on the nail plate!
Cures in LED or UV lamps.

Kombi Gel Liquid allows you to build up corners, repair cracks, it is ideal as a strengthening base for a natural nail plate, including for further application of gel polish!

Advantages and differences from the usual Kombi Gel:

Liquid formula:
Allows you not to spend a lot of time on work;
Ideally self-levels due to its optimal consistency
Does not flow or run away

Hard material:
Make nails strong like modeling!  Even in a thin layer

Dense shades:
Allows you to perfectly cover the nail plate without bald spots
Popular and sought after tones
Do not turn yellow

The composition of 9free eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions as much as possible!
No strong odor

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