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New! Glossy Tops Gold, Silver Flake

New! Glossy Tops Gold, Silver Flake

New unique glossy tops Silver Flake and Gold Flake - these are tops with attractive different-sized particles, allowing you to create the most refined manicure look

Benefits of Silver and Gold Flake Tops:
✔️ Will give any shade of uniqueness
✔️ Silver / gold flakes can be interestingly combined with a gradient, with sladders, with stamping and many other designs
✔️ Allows you to significantly save time!
✔️ Tops have an average, comfortable consistency in work
✔️ Particles do not stick out and do not interfere with application
✔️ Have a self-withering effect
✔️ Do not have a sticky layer after polymerization
✔️ Possess a long-lasting gloss

Bases and Tops from Patrisa Nail have a 9FREE composition, which means that the possibility of allergic reactions is excluded as much as possible!

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