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New! Gel polishes "Sunny Bunny"

New! Gel polishes "Sunny Bunny"

Sunny Bunny Photochromic Collection
 - these are shades with a surprise with a photochromic effect!  Incredible pearl colors with a lot of opal sparkles, barely perceptible to the eye, are very sensitive to UV rays: as soon as the sun hits them, they begin to change their shade!

 Magic set Sunny Bunny consists of 5 tones:
 All of them from delicate pearl shades are magically transformed into golden, peach pink, lilac purple, deep purple and turquoise blue!

 Gel polishes are comfortable to apply, dense from the first layer, self-leveling!

 Gel polishes of the Sunny Bunny collection from Patrisa Nail have a 9FREE composition, which means that the possibility of allergic reactions is excluded as much as possible!

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