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New! Gel polishes Potal

New! Gel polishes Potal

Potal gel polishes — this is a fashion novelty: trendy gel polishes of milky shades with particles of tarnished in different tones, which have a special effect

Gel polishes, unique of their kind, with mesmerizing names:

Proba 585 Potal - the most delicate milk miracle with weightless gold leaf

Proba 925 Potal - milky airy perfection ... like a silver ring with precious stones that create multi-colored highlights that play in the rays of the sun

The main advantages of Patrisa Nail Potal gel varnishes:
 - Unique shades of Proba Potal, created with love and tenderness that you will not find anywhere else
 - The thinnest gold in the composition of gel varnishes neatly and evenly lays down, perfectly aligns and does not bristle
 - Delicate milky shade of the base - the most demanded color today
 - Perfect pigmentation
 - Medium viscosity, optimal for work - does not flow and perfectly self-leveling

Potal gel varnishes have a 9FREE composition, which means that the possibility of allergic reactions is excluded as much as possible!

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