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New! Gel polishes "Cotton Candy"

New! Gel polishes "Cotton Candy"

The new Cotton Candy collection includes shades of cotton candy, sweet, dense spring pastels that will remind you of fun walks in the park with airy sweetness on a stick!
You won't surprise anyone with ordinary shades, but this collection has a unique romantic feature: small multi-colored crumbs, larger blotches, as well as the delicate sparkle of an unobtrusive shimmer!

The airy mix consists of shades of pale pink, cream, banana, peach, lilac, sky blue and mint!
Looks like cotton candy with a delicious multi-colored package

The particles do not stick out and do not interfere, and the gel polishes are comfortable to apply, dense from the first layer, self-leveling!

Gel polishes of the Cotton Candy collection by Patrisa Nail have a 9FREE composition, which means that the possibility of allergic reactions is excluded as much as possible!

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