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Gels for design GALAXY GEL Patrisa Nail is a magical story about the world of space a galactic abyss of beauty and radiance that contains many stars, moons and shining sparks in an alluring veil!

Galaxy Gel will create a cosmic effect both when applied to a whole nail, and in a stretch, and under a matte top, and in a lay-out jacket!  But it will look especially good on a milk base or milk gel!
Galaxy Gel is available in 4 magical shades:

HEARTS Galaxy Gel -silver holographic hearts in a veil neon pink base, looks like a magic space ball with mesmerizing elements!
LUNAR Galaxy Gel is a silvery holographic scattering of large stars and small stars in the deep sky, complemented by neat crescents in a transparent gel base
SPACE Galaxy Gel - silvery violet holographic stars and crescents, iridescent pink, blue, fiery .. shades in a veil purple base, fascinate like observing outer space through a telescope
SUNSET Galaxy Gel - opalescent diamond shapes and polyhedrons of peachy blue-lilac shimmer in a transparent veil base, like a sunset on the horizon of the sea... it looks different every second, reflecting different colors depending on the angle you look, and it looks incredible

Galaxy Gel is suitable for use both in combination with solid gel and gel polish materials!
It is necessary to dry in a LED lamp for 30 seconds, in a UV lamp for 2 minutes. Can be peeled off!

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