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BabyBoomer three-step design gels

BabyBoomer three-step design gels

Patrisa Nail’s new BabyBoomer three-step design gels series boasts specially selected consistency, which makes it possible to model the nails easily with an improved brush in the bottle.

The series includes three versions of gels: milk, natural and sand.

The main element in the BabyBoomer technique is a milky shade gel, which should be applied to prepared base material in the region of the free edge, combining it with the undried base material in the nail bed area using the brush.

Thanks to the airy color after applying the BabyBoomer disguising shades, the artist can achieve smooth transition from the nail bed to the free edge without the need to create the gradient by hand!

Solid BabyBoomer gels by Patrisa Nail are a simple and convenient tool for creating gentle and airy designs with a smooth gradient, without resorting to the help of special brushes.

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