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Stamping polish "Tramp Stamp" №31, 8 ml Stamping polish "Tramp Stamp" №31, 8 ml
Type: Stamping polish
Color: Gold metallic
Effect: Metallic
Density: Dense
Volume: 8 ml
Article: BN51

Stamping polish has a dense, intense color with a high degree of pigmentation. The thick consistency of the coating is the most clear pattern. The product dries in the air in 30-40 seconds.

How to use:
1. Cover nails with base and polish or gel polish base and gel polish shade according to technology.
2. Apply the stamping polish with a brush on a degreased plate. Use a scraper to remove any excess going over the edges of the design.
3. With a smooth rolling motion, transfer the pattern to the stamp.
4. Print the pattern on the nail, correct with nail polish remover if necessary.
5. Finish the design with a nail polish top or gel polish top, cure in a UV / LED lamp.

The selected shade may not represent the exact color due to the user's screen settings.

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