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Night fluorescent pigment for nail design 5g

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Price: 180 rub.
Type: For Design
Color: Transparent
Effect: Glows in the dark
Volume: 5 gr
Article: NK33

Fluorescent pigment by Patrisa Nail
Fluorescent pigment from Patrisa Nail is magic, with the help of which you can make your manicure and design really glow and burn with its unreality!

Fluorescent has a reflective property that accumulates in it with the help of a certain light spectrum and persists for a long time.

Thanks to this property, the design, using this pigment, will accumulate a light effect, which can be further “recharged”. This is the main advantage of fluorescent versus luminescent, in addition, it glows much brighter!

The pigment can be applied to any color, it is transparent and practically does not change the shade of the substrate.
It can be applied both on an undried color and on an undried top.
The pigment can be used both on the entire nail and in separate elements. The design must be covered with a top without a UV filter, so that UV rays have the ability to penetrate and "charge" the pigment!