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Kamifubuki K127 "Asterisks 3D" dark mix
Type: 3D Stars
Color: Petrol
Volume: 5 gr
Article: NE117

Kamifubuki confetti is very versatile in use, and there is no special instruction, since you can put confetti in spots or use it to cover the nail plate completely. Everything depends on your preferences.
Kamifubuki can be used both with color coatings to create any contrast combinations, or to create some kind of "aquarium" effect on translucent coats.

In order to apply kamifubuki you need to prepare the nail plate by applying a base coat and a color coat (if required). Next, it is necessary to apply a top coat layer and immediately distribute the kamifubuki on it, "drowning" the particles in the undried layer of the top coat. Then dry the top with the resulting pattern and fix the design with another layer of top coat for reliability.

The selected shade may not represent the exact color due to the user's screen settings.

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