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Viscose biolamination gel, transparent 15 gr

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Price: 660 rub.
Volume: 15 gr
Article: AD1

Transparent viscose gel is the basic element in the biolamination system!

Viscose bio-gels for nail lamination is a system of strengthening the natural nail plate using a special technology.

Biolamination includes a bunch of benefits:
• easy to work with;
• absolutely safe product;
• protection of nails from breaking;
• natural appearance;
• easy to soak with NAGELLÖSER;
• low consumption;

Stages of work after completing a manicure:
• we grind the nail plate with a buff or a file 180/200/240 grit;
• degrease and remove the remaining dust with a lint-free cloth soaked in Nagel-Cleaner from the top and from the inside of the nail;
• apply the NAGELPFLEGE dehydrator;
• apply an acid-free primer NAGELPFLEGE;
• rub in a thin layer of transparent Viscose gel, seal the butt and coat the nail from the inside;
• cover with camouflage "natural" or "transparent pink" (depending on the client's wishes) Viscose gel, with a slight alignment;
• Cover with top.