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Rubber cream-gel natural 30g Rubber cream-gel natural 30g Rubber cream-gel natural 30g Rubber cream-gel natural 30g
Type: Gel
Color: Light pink
Effect: Glossy
Density: Dense
Viscosity: High
Volume: 30 gr
Article: AC57

Rubber Cream Gel in a tube by Patrisa Nail is an ABSOLUTE NOVELTY in nail art.
We can definitely say we LEAD the way in nail art fashion as you have never worked with SUCH materials before. Put away your brushes as you won’t need them anymore.
Rubber Cream Gel is a solid second phase rubber-based gel. It combines the characteristics of hard and soft materials that make it excellent for nail strengthening and modeling.
The main advantage of Rubber Cream Gel is the structure of the material and the method of its application. The material is applied directly from the tube with a narrow nozzle, without using a brush. The creamy texture of the gel does not allow the material to spread loosely. Yet, the gel has perfect self-levelling properties.
Rubber Cream Gel comes in two highly pigmented shades - gentle pink Natural and universal Nude.

The selected shade may not represent the exact color due to the user's screen settings.

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