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Pudding Gel, Blue, 15g Pudding Gel, Blue, 15g
Type: Constructing
Color: Sky blue with opal pearl particles
Effect: Shimmer
Viscosity: Average
Volume: 15 gr
Article: AC69

Pudding Gel - is a new collection of magical colored hard constructing gels in delicate pastel shades with pearly micro shimmer

The classic format of constructing hard gels + a delicious airy shade + micro shimmer = the perfect material, which has both durability and ideal visual component

Gels are suitable both for building on forms, and for strengthening the natural nail plate, as well as for extending the corners.

The medium density of color gels creates lightness, and the shimmer creates a unique magical effect!

8 magical shades of Pudding Gel will conquer with their beauty:

Milk Pudding Gel - the most delicate milky with opal pearl particles

Cream Pudding Gel - cream with opal pearl particles

Pink Pudding Gel - soft pink sherbet with opal pearl particles

Lilac Pudding Gel - soft lilac with opal pearl particles

Violet Pudding Gel - soft purple with opal pearl particles

Blue Pudding Gel - sky blue with opal pearl particles

Gray Pudding Gel - light grey with opal pearl particles

Olive Pudding Gel - subtle olive with opal pearl particles

Advantages of the three-phase Pudding Gel:

- "honey consistency", comfortable for work

-does not spread

- lightning fast self-leveling

-high density

-no filing required

-perfect palette of airy pastel shades

-Inimitable opal-pearl shimmer

Gel must be applied on a thin layer of elastic base (ideally Rubber Base or Prima) or use a base layer of the gel - Gründer Gel Alpha

* During polymerization, a slight burning sensation is possible if the client has a thinned nail plate.

Curing time 2min / 1min in UV / LED lamps

The selected shade may not represent the exact color due to the user's screen settings.

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