/ / / / Silicone gel plasticine Magic №M2, 5 gr

Silicone gel plasticine Magic №M2, 5 gr

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Price: 350 rub.
Color: Clear golden with opal fine glitter dust
Volume: 5 gr
Article: AE95

Patrisa Nail silicone gel plasticine for nail art design is ideal for creating volumetric elements of varying complexity. This gel plasticine is ductile and easy to use. The thinnest elements of nail design retain their flexibility even after curing. Opal glitter dust makes any nail design look airy and lambent.

How to apply: use a spatula to separate the required amount of the material. Shape the plasticine rolling it in the hands or directly on the nail coating. Use a silicone brush to give the gel plasticine the final shape before drying. To make your design better adhere to the nail, it is recommended to apply a drop of Silikon Top without a sticky layer onto the coating before applying the plasticine. After drying, the material remains flexible due to silicone compounds. Cure in UV/LED lamps for 2/1min.