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GALAXY GEL Sunset, 5 gr GALAXY GEL Sunset, 5 gr GALAXY GEL Sunset, 5 gr
Color: Opal
Volume: 5 gr
Article: AE107
Gels for design GALAXY GEL Patrisa Nail is a magical story about the world of space a galactic abyss of beauty and radiance that contains many stars, moons and shining sparks in an alluring veil!

Galaxy Gel will create a cosmic effect both when applied to a whole nail, and in a stretch, and under a matte top, and in a lay-out jacket!  But it will look especially good on a milk base or milk gel!
Galaxy Gel is available in 4 magical shades:

LUNAR Galaxy Gel is a silvery holographic scattering of large stars and small stars in the deep sky, complemented by neat crescents in a transparent gel base
SPACE Galaxy Gel - silvery violet holographic stars and crescents, iridescent pink, blue, fiery .. shades in a veil purple base, fascinate like observing outer space through a telescope
SUNSET Galaxy Gel - opalescent diamond shapes and polyhedrons of peachy blue-lilac shimmer in a transparent veil base, like a sunset on the horizon of the sea... it looks different every second, reflecting different colors depending on the angle you look, and it looks incredible
HEARTS Galaxy Gel -silver holographic hearts in a veil neon pink base, looks like a magic space ball with mesmerizing elements!

Galaxy Gel is suitable for use both in combination with solid gel and gel polish materials!
It is necessary to dry in a LED lamp for 30 seconds, in a UV lamp for 2 minutes. Can be peeled off!
The selected shade may not represent the exact color due to the user's screen settings.

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