/ / / / Universal silicone gel for watercolor painting, 16 ml

Universal silicone gel for watercolor painting, 16 ml

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Price: 600 rub.
Type: Coating
Color: Transparent
Viscosity: High
Volume: 16 ml
Article: BP18

Our watercolor painting silicone gel is unique and universal and can be used on top of absolutely any chosen background shade for the design. Due to its transparency in addition to spectacular watercolor overflows, the gel gives the design visual volume and depth.

To create a design using universal watercolor gel you will need to:

1. Prepare the nail plate

2. Apply a base coat

3. Apply the color coat (in one or more layers depending on the texture’s density)

4. Apply the universal gel for watercolor painting in a medium-thick layer and immediately start drawing with colors contrasting with the background shade, applying them selectively or with brushing movements.

5. After the design is drawn and fully spread to the desired state, the coating can be cured in а UV or LED lamp.

6. Fix the resulting design with a top layer, dry it and your gorgeous and unique manicure is ready!