Yuki-top Quartz without sticky layer, 8 ml

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Price: 450 rub.
Type: Top coverage
Color: Opal overflow from copper green to peach pink
Viscosity: Medium viscosity
Volume: 8 ml
Article: BD142

Patrisa Nail's non-sticky Yuki Top is a mesmerizing opal shine that will leave no one indifferent!

Yuki Top is available in three shades:
Malachite, Alexandrite and Quartz.

Malachite is an opal overflow from deep emerald to blue-violet.
Alexandrite is an opal shimmer from orange to purplish pink.
Quartz is an opal overflow from copper green to peach pink.

Yuki Top can be applied to any color! The top will be especially revealed in black and white!
At the same time, it will look completely different, but in each case it is incredibly beautiful!