Monochrome-top Matte, no sticky layer, 16 ml

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Price: 715 rub.
Type: Top coverage
Color: Transparent with polyhedral particles
Effect: Matt
Viscosity: Medium viscosity
Volume: 16 ml
Article: BP79

Monochrome Top Matte - these are the most popular monochrome polyhedrons now in matte top format!

Monochrome small particles of varying size perfectly complement the larger black and white hexagons!

Monochrom Top Matte will create a unique design from any shade - the most popular effect of this season!

Benefits of Monochrom Top Matte:
✔️ Has a pleasant tactile velvety texture
✔️ Creates an incredible effect
✔️ Allows you to significantly save time!
✔️ Particles do not stick out and do not interfere with application
✔️ Top has an average, comfortable consistency in work
✔️ Self-leveling
✔️ Top has no sticky layer

Bases and Tops from Patrisa Nail have a 9FREE composition, which means that the possibility of allergic reactions is excluded as much as possible!