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POTAL Mist base, 16 ml POTAL Mist base, 16 ml POTAL Mist base, 16 ml POTAL Mist base, 16 ml
Type: milky & grey rubber base with silver potal
Color: Milk Silver
Density: Average
Viscosity: Average
Volume: 16 ml
Article: B516
Potal Base Patrisa Nail
replenishment of the collection of camouflage bases with particles of potals in different tones
Airy, voluminous effect of tenderness

The Potal Base collection contains the most delicate and favorite shades:

Mist Potal Base - a base of a cold milky gray shade with a thousand silvery potal particles with a holographic sheen, like a million frozen dewdrops in the air, sparkling in the sunlight

Yogurt Potal Base - a base of a delicate milky shade with many pink, peach, blue potal particles like delicious yogurt with juicy fruits and berries

Love Potal Base - milky pink base with a thousand pink ‘potal’ as the embodiment of sincere tenderness and love

Lily Potal Base is a base in a  cold lilac shade with a thousand sparkling silver-holographic potal patricles like a lilac in ice floes

Lady Potal Base - deep purple base with lots of lilac potal particles like a crystal violet

Atmos Potal Base - bottomless deep dark gray base with a huge amount of crystal potal particles like sparkling black agate

Potal Base combines the property of both a base coat and a color tint, which allows you to significantly save time and material in the process!

Potal Base have a composition of 9FREE, which means that the possibility of allergic reactions is excluded as much as possible!

The main advantages of Potal Base from Patrisa Nail:
• the thinnest sheeting as part of the base lies neatly and evenly, perfectly leveled and does not bulge
• delicate camouflage shades of the base are ideally combined with the effect of potal
• means 2in1 - can be used simultaneously as a base and color coating;
• perfect base pigmentation
• high degree of adhesion and phenomenal adhesion to the nail plate;
• the viscosity is medium-thick, does not drip and smoothes out perfectly 

 Recommendations for application:
- Under camouflage bases, it is recommended to use a thin substrate in the form of a regular base!
-Polymerization time - at least 1 minute in hybrid and LED lamps
The selected shade may not represent the exact color due to the user's screen settings.

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