Creatives French corrector base №F3, 8 ml

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Price: 400 rub.
Type: Two-phase
Color: Translucent pink
Effect: Glossy
Density: Translucent
Volume: 8 ml
Article: BA3

The two-step base-correctors for French manicure is a unique tool that can act as a base coat with a light natural shade, which also helps to strengthen the nail plate and enhances its visual flattening. A wide range of applications of the base-corrector allows you to select the precise method of laying the coat. Partisa Nail’s gels can be used solo or as a mixture with acrylic powder, which will enhance the nail plate’s strength. The base-corrector is perfect for French manicure, and for even and flawless covering of the nail plate adding a healthy look at the same time. And, courtesy of the wide range of neutral colors, you can easily select the necessary hue for the corrector base.