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FLAKE base Avocado, 12 ml FLAKE base Avocado, 12 ml FLAKE base Avocado, 12 ml FLAKE base Avocado, 12 ml FLAKE base Avocado, 12 ml
Type: Basic coverage
Color: Attractive green
Density: Average
Viscosity: Average
Volume: 12 ml
Article: B464


• These are camouflage color bases of deep shades with many multifaceted particles that create a 3D effect!

The colored base of the base in combination with many polyhedrons creates a magical deepest 3D effect!

Avocado Flake Base - a delectable green shade of ripe avocado with lots of white polyhedrons ... immersed in guacamole

Flake Base combines the properties of both a base coat and a color shade, which saves a lot of time and material in the process!

Flake Base has a 9FREE composition, which means that the possibility of allergic reactions is excluded as much as possible!

The main advantages of Flake Base by Patrisa Nail are:

 - means 2 in 1 - can be used simultaneously as a base and a color coating;

 - Has ideal for the base pigmentation

 - Shades of the bases will be appreciated by those who like airiness and unusual design

 - Smooth even application and self-levelling in seconds;

 - High degree of adhesion and a phenomenal bond to the nail plate;

 - Very easy to work with in medium viscosity;

 - Elasticity and flexibility of the material. 

Recommendations for application:

-We recommend using a thin substrate of regular base under the camouflage bases!  

-Curing time - at least 1 minute (ideally 2 minutes) in hybrid and LED lights

The selected shade may not represent the exact color due to the user's screen settings.

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