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New! Top glossy White Flake

New! Top glossy White Flake

Glossy White Flake top is a top with mesmerizing multi-sized white  particles that sets all the fashion trends! The same effect of a quail egg, only in white!

Benefits of White Flake Top:
✔️ Gives any shade a unique look
✔️ Has a pleasant tactile velvety texture
✔️ White flakes are fun to combine with gradients, sliders, stamping and other designs
✔️ Saves a lot of time!
✔️ Top has a medium, comfortable consistency 
✔️ Particles do not stick out and do not interfere when applying
✔️ Self-leveling
✔️ No sticky layer after curing

White flake is easy to work with and incredibly beautiful!

Bases and Tops from Patrisa Nail have a 9FREE composition, which means that the possibile allergic reactions are excluded!

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