/ / / / Soffit Dreamy flickering gel camouflage, 50 gr

Soffit Dreamy flickering gel camouflage, 50 gr

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Price: 1 045 rub.
Color: Warm-bodily
Effect: Shimmer
Density: Dense
Viscosity: High
Volume: 50 gr
Article: AZ23

A new Kombi Gel Soffit series is a wide range of noble natural shades with a subtle shine of the finest shimmer. Whether you are just strengthening your nails or doing nail art design, Kombi Gel Soffit manicure will make you look elegant and show your good taste.

Clear, white and three types of camouflage shades of Kombi Gel Soffit – there is always an ideal match to any skin color.

Kombi Gel Soffit is stylish, self-sufficient and doesn't require additional jewelry.