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Smart Gel Satin Camouflage Gel 30g

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Price: 990 rub.
Type: Camouflage
Color: Satin beige
Effect: Glossy
Density: Dense
Viscosity: High
Volume: 30 gr
Article: AC75

Replenishment of your favorite Smart collection with 4 new shades

Satin - a delicate satin beige shade
Shell - an airy creamy pink shade
Nectar - peachy pink pleasant tone like delicious nectar
Pomade - feminine pink like delicate lipstick

Smart Gel is a unique viscous consistency, high density and an ideal palette of shades!

Three-phase camouflage gels Smart Gel are distinguished by a "honey" consistency, comfortable for any master!
The thick and viscous Smart Gel does not spread, but has the properties of instant self-leveling, which in 90% of cases excludes abundant sawdust!
Smart Gel can be confidently called the ideal material for creating express modeling.

Convenient for both building and strengthening the natural nail plate!

Curing time: 30 seconds in a LED lamp, 2 minutes in a UV lamp

The Smart series is available in new fashionable matte jars - powdery pink and powdery green.

If you come across a silver can, do not be alarmed, this is also the original packaging