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Smart Gel Blush Camouflage Gel 30g

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Price: 990 rub.
Type: Camouflage
Color: Warm Light Peach
Effect: Glossy
Density: Dense
Viscosity: High
Volume: 15 gr
Article: AC51

The new Smart Gel series of hard gels is characterized by high viscosity, high density and a perfect shade palette.
The three-phase camouflage gels of Patrisa Nail Smart Gel series are as thick as honey, which makes them a pleasure for nail masters to use. These thick and viscous Smart Gel polishes do not flow. They are self-levelling and they spread out and over the nail bed on their own. The Smart Gel polishes are undoubtedly ideal for express nail modelling.
The new Smart Gel polishes are perfect both for sculpted French manicure, and for strengthening the nail plate.
Curing time 2min/1min in UV/LED lamps.

The Smart series is available in new fashionable matte jars - powdery pink and powdery green.

If you come across a silver can, do not be alarmed, this is also the original packaging