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Dreamline disguising gel, peach pink 30 gr

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Price: 990 rub.
Type: Camouflaging
Color: Peach pink
Effect: Glossy
Density: Dense
Viscosity: Average
Volume: 30 gr
Article: AC73

Camouflage Dreamline peach-pink is a gel of the second stage of a three-phase system!

It has a medium viscosity and a delicate shade of ripe juicy pink peach!

The gel is suitable both for building on the lower forms, and for strengthening the natural nail plate, as well as for extending the corners.

Advantages of 'Dreamline Peach Pink' gel:

- viscous consistency
- the gel does not spread
- quickly self-leveling
- has a high density and overlaps the nail plate
- no sawdust required
- delicate pretentious shade of pink peach

The gel must be applied on a thin layer of elastic base (ideally a rubber base or prima) or use a base layer of the gel - Gründer Gel Alpha

Curing time 2min / 1min in UV / LED lamps