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Single-phase gel polish №756, 5 ml

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Price: 185 rub.
Type: Single-phase
Color: Warm red
Effect: Glossy
Density: Dense
Volume: 5 ml
Article: BM122

Moscow: what is it like? The city bonds a personal relationship with every person who is blessed with an acquaintance with the capital of our homeland. It is many-faced, and different people have expressed various demeanors towards this fascinating city, from trembling and gentle love, to the strive to conquer, and even to being intimidated by its insane rhythm! Each of us sees this city in its own way. No wonder so many songs and poems were inspired by and dedicated to Moscow. Thus, we took the courage and the honor to dedicate a whole line-up of single-phase gel solutions to Moscow, reflecting partly its history in a palette of 39 diverse, completely dissimilar shades, each somehow associated with Moscow and its great history! Easy to apply, durable and heavy duty, Patrisa Nail’s single-phase gel-polishes will not leave you unsatisfied, as well as the cognominal city, which gave its name to this fabulous line-up.