KRAFT dry base 15 gr

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Price: 420 rub.
Type: Powder
Color: Transparent
Volume: 15 gr
Article: С27
Patrisa Nail's dry reinforcing base KRAFT is a crystal-clear premium grinding powder (the finest possible) that guarantees perfect strengthening of the nail plate without losing the elastic properties of the base coat. KRAFT dry reinforcing base provides a reliable priming coat that does not require sawdust before applying color gel / gel varnish. Due to the finest abrasiveness, an absolutely uniform application is achieved that does not require sawdust.

KRAFT dry reinforcing base is used both on base coats for gel polish and in Patrisa Nail gel systems.


1. Prepare the nail plate as standard. Apply a gel / gel polish base coat. Do not dry!

2. Sprinkle the required amount of dry KRAFT reinforcing base evenly on the undried base. Cure in UV / LED lamp 2min / 30sec with a soft manicure brush to remove excess.

3. Apply 1-2 coats of colored coating. Cure in UV / LED lamp 2min / 30sec

4. Apply a top coat. Cure in UV / LED lamp 2min / 30sec