/ / / / Fiber Base base for gel polish with glass fiber, 16 ml

Fiber Base base for gel polish with glass fiber, 16 ml

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Price: 715 rub.
Type: Basic coverage
Color: Transparent
Viscosity: Medium viscosity
Volume: 16 ml
Article: BP62

Fiber Base Patrisa Nail is a multifunctional rubber ductile base of medium consistency with reinforcing fiber particles. The base is perfect for weakened nails that need strengthening and repair.

The fibers contained in the base, create a strong framework, fill in all microcracks and reliably strengthen the nail plate! Due to this property, detachment is prevented!

Advantages of Fiber Base Patrisa Nail:

  • The fibers contained in the base have a minimum size, so there will be no problems during application;
  • The base is suitable for both nail strengthening and repair;
  • Due to the medium consistency and viscosity, the base is comfortable to work with;
  • The elasticity of the base will ensure good wear, and the fiber particles will provide strength and reliability.

  • Application Tips:
    1. Prepare the nail plate as standard;
    2. Degrease, use a dehydrator and primer;
    3. Apply a rubbing layer of fiber base, and then align the nail plate, building the architecture of the nail;
    4. Cure for 2min / 30sec in UV / LED lamp.