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Complex Color Pro. Base and Top, 8 ml

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Price: 715 rub.
Type: Coating
Color: Transparent
Density: Average
Viscosity: Average
Volume: 8 ml
Article: BP3

Patrisa Nail presents an innovative regimen of coating solutions Color Pro that will expand your perception of a saturated color! The Color Pro regimen includes base and top color enhancers for gel-polishes, these coats work in pair making richer any color you choose providing the manicure with heavy ware characteristics. The main difference between the Color Pro regimen and conventional coatings is the extremely strong adhesion of the base and top coats, so that the gel-polish color between them is reliably sealed, revealing the fullness and saturation of the hue under the crystal clear top enhancer. Moreover, Color Pro protects the color coating from burning out, which is especially important for bright hues. The base enhancer has average viscosity, but it is great for evening out small irregularities of the nail plate while the top enhancer is applied in a thin layer and self-levels, helping to make the nail job perfect.